The world's greatest motorcycle blog ever

Welcome to our unofficial, unaffiliated motorcycle fan website. We love motorbikes and this website serves as a way for us to talk about everything we love about them. The site will be about motorcycle repairs, how to make sure your bike is roadworthy, the people we hire to do that for us, where to ride and  and how to be safe on our roads and tracks.

We’ll be talking about the best roads, the best clubs, the best rides and hell, the best cafes to stop and recharge because coffee is a serious component of this li’ll thang we call ridin’. We’ll be reminiscing about our glory days, about the amazing rides we went on back in the 60s and 70s and then, once the temporary allure of corporate life wore off for good, the 90s.

BMW? Sure! Honda? Why not? Kawasaki? Ducati? Yamaha? Bring it on!

If it’s got 2 wheels and an engine, we’re into it. OK maybe this isn’t the place for Vespas, but generally speaking, if it’s loud, proud and, you know, isn’t a goddamn mini-van, we’re into it.

The people behind this website have ridden some miles, that’s for sure. And we’ve got some serious motorcycle opuses (opi?) that need a-spinnin’. The tall tales we got up our sleeves make your average fisherman look sound like a choirboy in confession. And the average leather clad motorbike rider ain’t got time for this claptrap so let’s just spell it out – this site is all about motorcycles and riding. That’s it. On yer bike.